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SFU Student

"For SFU Library's SLC Writing Contest, my goal in writing the paper was to apply what I learned in my psychology courses to settle a debate that I saw on Facebook about whether criticizing environmentalists for eating meat helps or hinders the fight against climate change. This food shaming is problematic because it divides a group of people who really have the same goal: protecting the environment. Individual behaviours (like one's diet) are less likely to lead to large-scale, systemic change; collective action by ALL environmentalists is necessary to truly help mitigate climate change."⁣⁣
Angela Starnaman is a fourth-year Psychology Major (Minor in Counselling and Human Development) who recently won SFU Library's SLC Undergraduate Writing Contest with her essay: "Food Shaming Meat Eaters Hinders Rather than Helps the Fight Against Climate Change." Angela is also involved as a research assistant in Dr. Lara Aknin's Helping and Happiness Lab

This post was originally posted on the SFU Psychology Instagram on May 11, 2020.