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Sue Kang

SFU Student Undergraduate
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Since becoming a Research Assistant at the BC Children’s Hospital BioBank, I have been tasked with managing maternal samples. These samples encompass mothers undergoing regularly scheduled C-sections. For such cases, we collect their placenta, peripheral blood for plasma, and cord blood to obtain plasma and mononuclear cells. Additionally, I manage samples from mothers participating in specific studies with various doctors. These studies typically have stringent criteria, such as requiring samples from mothers below a specific gestational age, such as premature babies, or utilizing stem cells in cord blood to replicate rare cell types.

I find great fulfillment in this role as it enables me to directly interact with patients, discussing the BioBank and the various studies for which they may be eligible. I assess their interest in donating their samples and subsequently receive and process their samples. It is truly gratifying to witness these samples seamlessly transition into research applications.

In the accompanying image, I am depicted dissecting a placenta from a scheduled C-Section involving healthy, full-term babies. From this procedure, I will dissect 12 aliquots from 4 different sections, with 3 samples from each section. These samples will then be stored in cryovials and preserved in the -80 freezer for any current or future ethically approved research studies.