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About two years ago, I went on an exchange to England and joined an acapella group there. I remember being in this echoey room, doing a song that blended all these different voices together. When we hit the right harmony, it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It gave me shivers. The first time I experienced that, I thought to myself, ‘this can’t be the last time’. I wanted other people to experience it too, because this type of joy is worth sharing.

That’s why I started an acapella group here at SFU. It doesn’t require any instruments – you can bring it anywhere with you. Actually, I’m surprised that I followed through with starting this in the first place. In the past I’ve been more comfortable with taking instructions from someone else, rather than being in a position of leadership. So things like coordinating and organizing events are new to me – but it’s a continual learning experience. I ask a lot of questions and rely on my team. We only started this semester, so we’re all still kind of figuring it out…but as long as we’re having fun, we’re meeting the goal.

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May 2, 2017