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Quentin Beck
In this episode, we will be taking on the topic of social media’s relationship in and with the workplace. Join us as we go explore the complexities of this relationship.

Episode Description

How has social media changed the way we operate? With its growing influence, social media has taken the world by storm and has provided society with a grand hub of information sharing and socialization. However, how has this reach also changed the ways in which we go about our lives regarding work? In this episode, we will be taking on the topic of social media’s relationship in and with the workplace. Join us as we go through the start of this relationship, the difference between social media’s use in the workplace versus its collaboration with the workplace, how its evolved, the blending of personal and work life, how it changed the ways some companies operate, and possible methods someone may find themselves using when managing this ever-changing environment. 

Show notes: 

  • History and concept of social media and its use in the workplace 
  • The concept of social media working with the workplace 
  • How does this relate to you? 
  • Worries and advantages of social media in and with the workplace 
  • How social media and the workplace has evolved in other countries 
  • Work and personal life blending with each other 
  • How social media has changed the way companies operate 
  • Social media’s effect on the hiring process 
  • Possible ways to find a healthy balance between the two 
Participants and Contributors
Brianna Tsang
Brianna Tsang

Working as a Content Creator for the OLC, Brianna Tsang is a student that loves to learn and create anything and everything. As a fifth year Communication major and Publishing minor, she is no stranger to questioning topics of the everyday and looking into how media can influence the way in which we go about life.  

Beyond the Podcast

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Government of Canada: Privacy and social media in the workplace

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Mar 9, 2023

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