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This is the SFU Club of the Week Series. From 2014-2015, Emily Co interviewed the presidents of 7 different clubs at SFU. Some of the clubs are no longer running, but serve as a reminder of the power of students. Gain inspiration from your peers, as they have excellent stories to share regarding work inside and out of the SFU community. In this series, you will read about various clubs that pertain to your interest as a student. Whether you are looking for something related to your field of study, such as Marketing, looking to connect with a culture or contributing to society as a whole, this series gives you the ins and outs of some of SFU's most popular clubs. Browse through these student stories, and learn about the clubs you can join and how you, too, can make a difference!

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Jun 3, 2014

Want to get involved with clubs on-campus? Emily takes a look at K-Storm, a club promoting involvement in Korean Culture to SFU students!

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SFU Student Marketing Association (SMA)

In the second part of her series, Emily highlights the Student Marketing Association and how they help students connect with the exciting field of Marketing!

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In this week's Club of the Week, Emily takes a look at UNICEF SFU, and interviews their current President, Katie Mai. Read more to learn about UNICEF's activities on campus!

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The Social Media Network (SFUSMN)

This week, Emily features The Social Media Network as the SFU Club of the Week. Read about how their activities aim to increase students' professional social media prowess!

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Love Your Neighbour

This week's SFU Club of the Week is the SFU Chapter of Love Your Neighbour. Here's a spotlight on this club that has expanded to offer local and international opportunities for students.

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SFU Dance Marathon

Next in the SFU Club of the Week Spotlight, Emily interviews Jordan and Sandali, co-directors of SFU Dance Marathon, an event to raise money for BC Children's Hospital.

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SFU Passion Club

For this week’s Club of the Week Spotlight, Janelle interviews Niyanta, president of SFU Passion Club.  Learn more about the club which provides various self-development workshops for young women!