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I enjoy helping English language-learners improve their English and make the most of their time in the Greater Vancouver Area. I volunteer twice a week and we hold English Conversation Club which helps English language-learners to develop their conversational skills then on Fridays we take English language-learners to visit various tourist attractions in Vancouver.

My biggest challenge was juggling my commitment to the organization with my jam-packed thesis-writing schedule as a grad student but my activity coordinator was super accommodating of me which made things much less stressful for me. In the past I’ve taught English as a Second Language at a K-12 level but my involvement with this organization allowed me to coach it at a university level for the first time. Having the opportunity to meet students from all over the world has broadened my cultural horizons while prompting me to think about how I can improve the way that I teach in order to accommodate a vast range of individual learning styles.

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Sep 22, 2017