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Jack Donaldson-Barrio

SFU Student Undergraduate
Health Sciences

Position Title
Story Faculty

I am very proud to work at a company like E-One Moli Energy! It has been a really interesting 3 months, spending time learning how lithium ion battery cell chemistry works in more detail than I would otherwise have access to. It is also been very valuable to learn how a research facility such as the one I work at operates and how each researchers' projects can relate to one another. 

After getting accustomed to working in a research setting such as E-One Moli Energy, I have learned to understand the importance of planning ahead. Due to the position being very proactive, I often plan two week action plans to meet my goals as efficiently as possible. Due to many processes needing multiple days to complete, it is always beneficial to try and line up the procedures so you can make the most out of the time you're at work while experiments are ongoing simultaneously. I also learned not to be afraid to ask questions. Everyone I've talked to has been really helpful and not only will you improve your comprehension of your immediate tasks at hand, but also be able to better understand your research ventures.