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Eddie Shares What he Learned when Constantly Trying New Experiences
Edgard Jesus Diaz Guardado
Edgard shows that leadership qualities can arise from looking for new challenges in your life.

Episode Description

Welcome back to the OLC Community Spotlight Podcast! In this episode, Luis and Chelsie interview Edgard Diaz, an international student at Beedie School of Business. His desire to keep his life interesting has led him to try various new things, and he describes how this has helped shaped him into the person he is today.

Topics explored in this episode include:

  • Coming to SFU as an international student

  • Being in the Global Connections Program and UNICEF

  • What inspired Edgard to join the clubs and take on leadership roles

  • SFU's new Cryptocurrency Club and general crypto Information

  • How to keep dedicated at work


Participants and Contributors
Luis in a cool suit
Luis Arce Diaz
OLC Content Creator

Luis Arce Diaz is a contributor and content creator for the OLC. He enjoys staying active and expressing his creativity in whatever way possible.

Chelsie Oan

Chelsie is a recent graduate from SFU. She enjoys going out with her friends and has a degree in International Studies.

Community Leader

Edgard is a business student who has experience across many clubs, such as UNICEF and the Global Community Program.

Beyond the Podcast

Intro & Outro Music - "Jazzy Abstract Beat" by Coma-Media on Pixabay

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Jun 15, 2022