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Beedie School of Business
Local Co-op
Position Title

“As a People Operations Co-op at White Claw Canada, Stefanie has conducted full-cycle recruitment activities including job scoping, sourcing, screening, interviewing, and job offers. While in the Vancouver office, Stefanie has been able to attend various department events and office engagement activities.”

During my four months at the Mark Anthony Group, I got exposure to the Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, and People Operations Partners sections of Human Resources. I mainly focused on the full-cycle recruitment activities including job scoping, sourcing, screening, interviewing, and job offers in a fast-paced, changing environment. I supported the other recruiters and leaders in coordinating interviews with candidates across Canada, the United States, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. I was tasked with creating the new hires organization announcements to be sent out to the company. In addition, I quantified data from new hires through 30/60/90 day surveys for leaders to look at the results of the company culture and the onboarding process. I took initiative and innovated a Vancouver relocation guide for new hires coming to Vancouver. This presentation included a coming to Canada section (including information on immigrant support, ESL classes, and cultural centers), a new to BC section (how to apply for MSP, SIN, driver’s license, and insurance), and a detailed overview of Vancouver. My final project was a proposal on digitizing the exit interview process. I conducted research on best-fit practices to increase productivity at the end of the employment cycle process. I presented my findings to the People Operations Partners and Directors across Canada. Overall my responsibilities at Mark Anthony varied and I got exposure to the different sides of Human Resources.

Working at a corporate office for the past four months has been eye-opening to how a large corporation functions. I was able to learn about the different departments at corporate and how they are intertwined working together. As well, I saw how a corporate office supports the other branches of the company and is the base for all communication. I was able to learn how to take candidates from screening, all the way to offer letters, including negotiations. I worked with UKG Pro, DocuSign, Textio, and Skill Survey and became knowledgeable about the websites. I was able to strengthen my teamwork and communication skills during my work term. Through weekly Talent Acquisition team meetings, I was able to improve teamwork skills by taking roles off people’s plates who were too busy. I was a vital team member by providing support anywhere I could.

Moving forward, I will apply the teamwork and communications skills I have learned. I have improved my professional communication skills with every email and presentation I gave, which I will be able to apply for any future job as I know the professional culture of a corporate environment. I can also use this during the rest of my degree in course projects as I know how to effectively communicate a common goal and have agreeance on how to get there. I can apply my recruiting knowledge as an asset in getting jobs in the future as I have now been part of hiring manager intake meetings, job sourcing, interviewing, offers, and negotiations.My time at Mark Anthony has been an astonishing start to my career and I have gained knowledge I can apply throughout my life. I would strongly recommend Mark Anthony Group to any student in co-op