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A friend of mine from high school was volunteering with the Psychology Student Union and she encouraged me to come by and check it out. Initially I attended the meetings on a casual basis, but eventually my involvement took on a life of its own, so here I am two years later.

My role consists of a lot of strategic planning and event coordination. Being a part of the community that I’ve built alongside the student union and watching it continue to grow is what motivates me to stick with it. Getting involved in this way has also enriched my social life, by allowing me to make friends with my fellow Psychology students.

Although recruiting and retaining new members can sometimes be a challenge, attending events like Clubs Day helps to increase our visibility on-campus. We also host social and academic-oriented events to promote the union and encourage new members to join. Before taking on this role, my knowledge of event planning was limited at best. But now, I’m familiar with what it takes to put together an enjoyable event and would be comfortable doing so if the need arose at some point down the road in my professional career. In my opinion, getting involved is the best way to meet smart, dedicated and like-minded people as an SFU student.

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Jan 5, 2018