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Simon Fraser University
PhD Candidate
SFU BPK Graduate Student
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Who are you?
Exercise and physical activity have always been a major part of my life. I grew up in Utah, trying to keep pace with 4 older siblings while staying ahead of the younger one. There was never a shortage of sports balls, or competitive angst, around the house. Primarily driven by enhancing (my own) performance, I got my BSc from Utah Valley University in Exercise Science. I traveled north to the University of Montana for my MSc in Health and Human Performance. And then further north to SFU for my PhD. I am married with 3 kids that keep me on my toes and continue to fuel my need for competition by choosing to run asinine distances in the mountains.

What do you do?
My PhD work explores the consequences of spinal cord injury (SCI) on cardiovascular autonomic control. I am working to build a cardiovascular disease risk profile following SCI, seeking to understand the earlier onset and faster progression seen in this population. I am testing the safety and efficacy of novel devices and therapies aimed at increasing physical activity and enhancing cardiovascular benefits leading to improved quality of life.

Any advice you would give to starting graduates?
Work hard, Play hard, Rest hardest. It is between the bouts of stress that we adapt, change, and grow. Make time to rest from both positive and negative stress.

What is always on your music playlist?
Hamilton and Les Miserables soundtracks. Sprinkle in some Dashboard Confessional, Eagles, Garth Brooks and a dash of Disney and let me loose in the mountains!

This post was originally posted on the SFU BPK Instagram on December 7, 2021. 

Simon Fraser University
PhD Candidate
SFU BPK Graduate Student
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Mar 2, 2022