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The Global Connections Program is a peer-led program for undergraduate students. It is designed to foster and promote inclusiveness and intercultural diversity at SFU. The program is led by a team of dedicated student staff and peer mentors, known as Community Leaders. Program participants and Community Leaders create a meaningful connection through one-on-one mentorship and group socials. This is a peer-mentorship program designed to help new undergraduate students from international pathways including transfer students from Canadian post-secondary institutions (including Fraser International College) and incoming exchange students to SFU. 


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Surprising Yourself: How Keeping an Open Mind is One of the Best Things You Can Do as a Young Professional

Stepping out of your personal development comfort zone is a scary thought, but many good things can await on the other side if you take the first step.

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Five Video Essays CMNS Students Should Watch

Need a practical look at how communication studies are found in real life? These video essays may give you an idea to how media and culture are intertwined with communication through practical examples.

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