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SFU BPK Student

Hi! I'm Jenna and I'm a third year BPK student. I live in Burnaby so when deciding between SFU and UBC I ultimately chose SFU because it was closer to home. I love the views from the Burnaby campus too, since they make for a nice backdrop when studying for tough classes.

Your chosen major and future career plans:

I'm a behavioural neuroscience major. Recently I've been looking into becoming a speech pathologist, so I'd likely have to pursue a master's degree somewhere on the East coast after I graduate.

Why did you choose to study BPK? 

Initially when I came to SFU I was a psych major, but I found that I missed all the science courses I had taken in high school. Behavioural neuroscience provided a nice blend of physiology and psychology so I decided to apply in my second year.

Favourite show to binge watch? 

Lately I've been obsessed with Parks & Recreation, and I've almost watched all seven seasons throughout this term.

This post was originally posted to the SFU BPK Instagram on June 8, 2021.