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Emily Le

SFU Student Undergraduate
Beedie School of Business

Position Title

During my role as Junior Business Analyst at SFU Executive Education, I was responsible for supporting Salesforce implementation projects and digital transformation initiatives for the team. My daily tasks included troubleshooting issues, developing new features, documenting processes, and assisting during training sessions to help internal users better utilize Salesforce. I also created performance reports to help evaluate the team's progress and identify areas for growth. Overall, my role allowed me to gain valuable experience in project management, problem-solving, and effective communication with internal users.  

My 8-month co-op term at SFU Executive Education as a Junior Business Analyst was an enriching experience that allowed me to develop professionally and personally. During my time there, I gained valuable insights that will prove invaluable in my future career endeavours, while also forming lasting friendships.

As a Junior Business Analyst, my main responsibility was to assist the Executive Education team with Salesforce implementation projects and digital transformation initiatives. I received emails from internal users, and I would troubleshoot issues, and develop new features if they needed assistance. Additionally, I documented the processes and helped to facilitate training sessions to help internal users maximize their use of Salesforce and even created performance reports to help the team evaluate their performance and identify areas for growth.

I was constantly learning new skills and expanding my knowledge of Salesforce. Working closely with the Executive Education team, I gained a deeper understanding of how Salesforce can be customized to meet the unique needs of a business. I also had the opportunity to work on technical aspects of Salesforce like objects, fields audit, flows, assignment rules, and creating layouts, which gave me an in-depth understanding of the platform. My experience with Salesforce has not only enhanced my technical skills but also my problem-solving abilities, as I learned to troubleshoot issues and provide effective solutions to meet the team's needs.

During my co-op, I had the chance to take the Digital Transformation Management course offered by the executive education team, which was a great experience. The course broadened my perspective on technology integration in business practices, teaching me how to develop adaptable processes aligned with strategic goals and customer demands. It deepened my understanding of digital transformation and its relevance in modern business.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my co-op experience was that I had the opportunity to work alongside amazing, super-supportive coworkers and build strong relationships with them. Through working closely with them, I was able to learn from their experiences and gain valuable insights into the company and the industry. Furthermore, they gave me valuable pieces of advice to develop my career trajectory, maintain work-life balance and build professional personal branding. 

Moving forward, I plan to apply the skills and experiences I gained during my co-op term to my future endeavours. Specifically, I will utilize my expertise in Salesforce to help organizations streamline their operations and optimize their data usage. Additionally, I will use the communication and collaboration skills I developed to work more effectively with teams and leverage my problem-solving skills to help organizations overcome challenges.

Overall, my 8-month co-op term as a Junior Business Analyst at SFU Executive Education was a significant highlight of my academic journey. The experience allowed me to develop my professional skills, grow personally, and build meaningful relationships that I will carry with me throughout my career.