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SFU Student

Hi, I am Alexis/Lexi! I am in the third year of my undergraduate degree, obtaining a joint major in Criminology and Psychology. I also have a certificate in General Criminology and going for a Social Justice certificate as well! I am Métis, and my family and ancestors are from Winnipeg, but I am registered under the Métis Nation of British Columbia. I love to volunteer and am a member of the Criminology Student Association, International Wrongful Convictions Day, and the Wrongful Convictions Collective. One hobby I have is reading! I am a big fantasy nerd. My favourite series include the Six of Crows Duology, The Devouring Grey Duology and of course, the classic Percy Jackson series. Over the summer, I also have taken up the hobby of archery. I use my grandpa’s set, and I am not very good (as seen in the video), but it makes me feel closer to my grandpa when I use it (and makes me feel like the protagonist in one of my books) I was not aware that I was Métis until around 2015. My father was adopted and never knew his family. Still, in 2015 he found his family, where he discovered he had 7 siblings! It was crazy suddenly discovering a whole culture and side of your family you never even knew about. However, because both my father and I grew up in a non-Indigenous family and community, I found myself questioning and wondering a lot about my heritage and my culture. Thus, my topic for Indigenous Wellness is about finding your culture! How do you connect with your culture?

This Story was originally published on the Indigenous Student Centre's Instagram on Nov 25, 2021.