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Haiqing Tan

SFU Student Undergraduate
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This semester marks my first venture into the enchanting world of Northern Europe as I embark on a student exchange program at Lund University in Sweden. Situated in Lund, the country's sixth-largest city, the location is ideal, with close proximity to Malmo and Copenhagen. Weekends offer a convenient escape to neighboring cities, easily accessible by train.

Lund itself exudes the vibrant energy of a university town. The central areas are bustling with student activities, creating an atmosphere that is both lively and dynamic. In my free time, I enjoy strolling through the city, capturing moments through my camera lens. The diverse cultural experiences encountered here have added an extra layer of richness to my exchange journey. One notable aspect of Lund University is its welcoming community. I have had the pleasure of making numerous friends, some of whom are locals while others, like me, are fellow exchange students. Despite our diverse academic backgrounds, the freedom to choose courses has allowed us to connect in various classes.

The university's dormitory environment is equally commendable. Cleanliness is highly valued, and everyone contributes to tasks like maintaining hygiene. Gathering in the corridor for shared meals and events has become a cherished routine, fostering a sense of camaraderie among residents. Adding to the social tapestry are Lund University's nations, offering 13 distinct options. Each nation has its unique cultural and historical background, accompanied by a plethora of activities and parties. I have chosen to be a part of Kalmar Nation, known for its friendliness towards international students. English is the common language, making it easy for everyone to participate in the engaging events.

As I look forward to the remaining time in Lund, I am eager to embrace more captivating experiences. Whether it's exploring the city, participating in nation activities, or forming connections with new friends, I am excited about the cultural enrichment this semester has to offer.