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This is my second year working in IAT Student Union, I started last year as the Director of Communication & Design and this year I ran again as the Secretary. As the Director of Communication & Design, I was mainly in charge of the marketing of the Student Union – basically I made everything that was art-related – like posters for events and overall branding.

The biggest design project I’ve done was for Frosh last year. Every year we come up with the new theme for Frosh, and last year’s theme was ‘Colour’. That ‘Colour’ theme was really broad, so I had to narrow it down. I really like working with shapes, so I played around with triangles and abstraction. I love the designs, and I know everybody who participated Frosh thought that our T-shirts looked really nice. I think that doing design helps me to come up with creative things faster. I learn to prioritize it along with my courses and other commitments. In that way, my process gets better because I get to practice my designing and from there I’ll get new ideas faster. I get to be organized and balance my creativity.