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In my second year, I realized that I wanted something more because I'd always go to campus and then head home because there was not a lot to do on the Surrey campus. Some friends had been with Enactus the year prior and they sent me a message saying, "Hey, applications are coming out. We think you'd be a good fit for this role where you'd work with high-school students to create micro businesses.” The program was called Bright Ideas and it’s where I got my intro experience. It’s essentially a 10 week program where we work with high-school students around entrepreneurship.

What we've found is that a lot of students don't see entrepreneurship as a viable career path. So this project was focused on getting students involved in entrepreneurship. They form teams in groups of 4/5 and build a product from scratch. They learn how to market it and then they are paired up with a university mentor who guides them throughout the process. In the end, they present their findings to a panel of industry professionals.

Aside from that, I’ve had a variety of roles for the past 3 years. In my first year as an external manager of a project, I worked to secure sponsorship and donations. And then it transitioned into presenting for our national team, competing against the top universities from across Canada on work that we're doing in our community. We placed in the semifinals across Canada there.

Afterwards, I transitioned to becoming president. So I was looking after 155 students across faculties at SFU, and we were running 10 different projects that were all community focused.

From all the clubs at SFU, Enactus stands out to me because it's almost its own separate community within this university and part of the greater ecosystem. The reason why I say that is because when you have so many people focused on the same goal or a common cause, you have the opportunity to connect with so many different people. Through these interactions, you become embedded in that ecosystem and build connections that will last you a lifetime.

SFU Student
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Jun 13, 2019