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SFU Co-op Student

The idea of  living and travelling abroad can seem daunting and out of reach at times,  especially for students already living on a budget in their home country. Luckily, there are an abundance of online resources  to help alleviate some of this stress, as well as provide inspiration and tips  for making the most of your time abroad.  Below, you will find some great student-oriented links to information  about living, traveling, working, and having fun abroad.

Going Global

SFU subscribes to this online resource for its students. All you need to do is log in with your SFU  user ID and password and start searching.  Going Global provides country guides, as well as an internship and job  search tool that is useful for finding a self-directed co-op position. Updated regularly, this site is definitely  worth a look for future international co-op and outgoing exchange students. Be sure to take advantage of your SFU  subscription before you graduate!

Students in Europe

This blog is by students, for students, and provides daily travel inspiration  and tips. Some posts are as short as a  stunning photo and cutline, while others incorporate the best spots to dine in  a respective city. For those of you  living, studying, or working in Europe, this blog is something you should  definitely check out.

Verge Magazine

Verge Magazine, North America's magazine for exploring international study,  work, and volunteer opportunities, offers numerous online articles and  resources. The magazine also hosts an  annual photo contest, which is worth checking out. Some articles of interest include: planning a  gap year, searching for international internships, and volunteering abroad.

Lonely Planet Blogs

The ever-popular publisher of travel guide books, Lonely Planet, offers  inspiring blogs for daily doses of online inspiration.

New York Times: Frugal Traveler Blog

Self-explanatory, this blog is all about travel on the cheap. Blogger Matt Gross shares his tips for  staying, eating, and sightseeing on a budget.  Great for the student traveller!


Gadling offers quirky tips and ideas for travel in the unexpected. From a daily photo posting, to hotel reviews  and international travel news, Gadling is updated frequently and a source of  daily travel entertainment.

Spotted by Locals

Focussing on European capitals, this site offers tips for experiencing cities  in a less-touristy fashion. Visit this  site to find out how to live like the locals and maximize your intercultural  experience abroad.

Ultimate Packing List

Not sure what to pack for your international adventure? Check out this online source for all things  packing and get some great tips on how to pack light and right.