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Intercultural Communication

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Intercultural Communication requires empathy, respect, and patience as you are learning to understand another perspective, set of customs and communication styles. The stories under this topic will teach you how to understand a world outside of your own, and how to adapt to varying communication styles. By reading others’ perspectives, you will understand the impact of intercultural communication, and how important it is to step outside of your comfort zone in order to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes.  

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Cultural Competence and Working Abroad

Have you landed an International Co-op work-term and begun preparing for your semester abroad? Surely, you have done your research and are aware of the cultural differences and nuances between where you are going, and your home country? If you haven’t, have no fear! This article is meant to help you understand the basic tips and tricks to adjust to the cultural differences in your new workplace, making your transition much easier.

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My Journey to Understanding the Importance of Intercultural Communication

"I realized that as time went on, I was having difficulties connecting and adapting to this new culture I believe this sprouted from the strong language barrier and my inability to communicate with most of my co-workers". Read Aileen's story about how she overcame culture clashing and engage in intercultural communication. 

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