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Peak Frequency is a club that gets musicians on campus together. In other clubs, you’re kind of forced to work together, but at Peak Frequency, it’s more of a solo experience.

You can jam out, you can play covers, and you can play your own originals. We give members the opportunity to perform in open jams and open mic nights.

We’re trying to get all the musicians out there to be able to showcase their talent around campus. When I first joined, I was looking for a club where I would be able to do whatever I wanted; showcase whatever I wanted.

People should join the club not only because it’s fun, but because you’re able to establish connections to people you wouldn’t otherwise know.

Before I joined the club, I did most of my stuff solo. But after being in the club for two or so years, I’ve established so many connections musically. Getting this experience and performing not only boosted my own confidence but also allowed myself to think and to express myself through music. Just do it. Join for the social experience, and because volunteering with any club at SFU allows you to learn things you wouldn’t otherwise gain.

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Mar 12, 2018