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Nikie Zuo

SFU Student Undergraduate
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For my first and second co-op work terms, I was fortunate to work at SAP (Systems Applications, Products) as a Technical Operations Analyst. While I was nervous about applying to this role as it was listed under Faculty of Applied Sciences postings - whereas I am studying Management Information Systems at the Beedie School of Business - it was quite possibly the best decision I've made in my undergraduate career. The eight months passed by quickly, and the knowledge and skills I acquired will undoubtably contribute to my future endeavours.
Experience Details
Reflection & Tips

My co-op term at SAP could not have turned out better. It was a great mix of learning technical skills, becoming more familiar with a fast-moving industry, and meeting many great people (thanks to the COO team and fellow interns with whom I have developed strong friendships). The work was diverse, engaging, and I was given the freedom to manage my own time and projects. Asking questions helped me understand the underlying business impact and processes. I encourage everyone with any job to ask many questions and understand the “why” (business impact) more than the granular mechanics of a task. As a business major, this is significantly more important. I greatly appreciate the learning and mentorship I have obtained at SAP and look forward to applying my knowledge and skills towards my next role in consulting.

I highly recommend students to complete an internship at SAP. The connections, skills, and knowledge base that you will obtain is invaluable for any career path. Not only will you develop professionally, but you will also have a lot of fun!