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The following stories about adventurous learning experiences are created by SFU community members who are changemakers, innovators and researchers working in social media, Silicon Valley, startups and laboratories. You are bound to gain inspiration from their stories and learn from their invaluable advice and top tips.

person standing in front of blue sky
Diving Headphones-First Into the World of Podcasting

I’ve always been deeply fascinated with audio as a medium. After all, I’ve worked with it plenty–I picked up the flute at age 12, and music’s been playing nonstop in my life ever since. Not just performing, either: composition, production, sound design, even a bit of voice acting as a hobby. So, when I saw the post from SFU’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement, I was curious. Continue reading to learn more about my experience working in the world of podcasting!

A portrait of Hanna at a conference, with a nametag on.
Finding a Place in the Fight for Climate Justice

Read Hanna Araza's piece on her experience with SFU's Semester in Dialogue program to learn about how you can involve your passions with your work! 

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