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Rebecca Saloustros

Rebecca Saloustros

SFU Staff
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Photo of David Henigman
“Sometimes, all it takes is going to one event or meeting one person to open your eyes to a whole world of possibilities you never thought you could be a part of.”

At the 2018 FASS Kickoff Party for Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) undergraduate students, a mythical beast, the “SASSquatch”, could be seen dancing the night away with fellow students at Science World. Today, we can conclusively reveal that this terrifying Society of Arts and Social Sciences (SASS) creature was none other than David Henigman, who is graduating this June with his BA in political science.

While Henigman cites the Kickoff Party as his most memorable SFU moment, he has worked hard to complete his political science major and law and philosophy minor, plus certificate in ethics and global justice.

In his political science classes, particularly with Professor Laurent Dobuzinskis, Henigman examined the theories and philosophical ideas behind why people hold beliefs or make certain decisions. In Professor Evan Tiffany’s philosophy classes, he focused on legal and ethical theories, which inspired him to pursue a philosophy minor and certificate.

Another professor, Candyce Kelshall, introduced Henigman to the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies (CASIS).

“My time with CASIS has been an endless learning experience and an opportunity to apply myself in a variety of different ways that constantly challenge me,” says Henigman. “I have run conferences with some of the world’s best academics and practitioners in security and public safety, worked on original research and contributed to multiple publications.”

After graduation, Henigman plans to continue working with CASIS and applying the skills he’s learned to his future education and career.

Henigman says his work in political science and philosophy have been key to working with a national organization. “In addition to gaining a lot of writing and analytical skills, I have a sense of confidence in myself and my abilities which will help me land a position within my field of study and interest,” he says.

Henigman also credits his involvement in groups like the Political Science Student Union (PSSU) and the SASS, both of which he was vice-president, as helping him gain a strong network of supportive people around him.

He advises new SFU students to get involved in meaningful on-campus and off-campus activities.

“Sometimes, all it takes is going to one event or meeting one person to open your eyes to a whole world of possibilities you never thought you could be a part of.”

This story was originally published on the Political Science website on June 11, 2020.


Rebecca Saloustros

Rebecca Saloustros

SFU Staff
Arts + Social Sciences › English | Arts + Social Sciences › Political Science
Communications Coordinator

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