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“I applied to the Psychology Graduate Program at SFU for several reasons. First, I wanted to work with Dr. Yuthika Girme because of her focus on singlehood research. Moreover, I love the atmosphere of SFU because I feel like it is small enough to feel like part of the psychology department community, but large enough to have many different avenues for interesting research. Last, SFU was able to offer a funding package that would allow me to continue my work without having to worry as much about money. When it comes to advice for prospective graduate students, I would encourage students to begin the application process early. It can be a difficult process, but don’t feel bad if you are feeling overwhelmed. Be sure to reach out if you need help!” ⁣

Brittany Dennett is an MA/PhD Candidate in Social Psychology at SFU. Previously, she has been involved with the Couples Lab with Rebecca Cobb, Stephen Wright’s Intergroup Relationships Lab, and most recently with Yuthika Girme’s Supporting Relationships & Wellbeing (REWE) lab. She has also volunteered as the Volunteer Coordinator for PSYC Research Lab Fair 2018, Welcome Leader for Welcome Day, and also as a member of the Psychology Student Union (PSU). ⁣

This post was originally posted on the SFU Psychology Instagram on December 11, 2019.