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There are many other services that are available for both students and other members of the SFU community.

With three campuses, SFU can sometimes be a bit daunting or confusing whether you are new to the university or simply someone who is unfamiliar with all the services SFU has to offer. I remember back when I was in first year, I was really confused because SFU was so different from my high school and everything was so new to me. During first year, I was also indecisive since I didn’t know what I wanted to do. Now that I’m in my fourth year, I’ve learned the ropes, and I’m sharing my knowledge with you! Here are some services that are helpful and available to all SFU students! 

1. Student Learning Commons

Student Learning Commons is a service located within the library at all three campuses. They offer consultations in: exam preparation, time management, note-taking, academic reading and writing, and much more! Plus, if you are trying to plan ahead for a specific assignment, they also offer an assignment calculator which generates a timeline of steps until the assignment deadline! For example, if I had a Communication paper that was due on November 12 and I used the assignment calculator, it would suggest that I do my research by November 1st and write my outline by November 3rd.

2. Health & Counselling Services

I remember that during my first year, I had a really bad case of exam anxiety. So, during my second year, I decided to go to Reducing Exam Anxiety, a workshop hosted by SFU’s Health and Counselling Services. After going to this exam workshop, my level of exam anxiety has reduced dramatically by implementing some of the strategies mentioned. For example, when I was studying for my midterms, I would implement a 10-15minute break every once in a while and start again. By doing these 10-15 minute breaks, I reduce my level of stress. Every semester, SFU Health and Counselling Services offer a number of workshops, including laughter yoga sessions, time management workshops and much more. Aside from hosting these workshops, they also offer services such as counselling, and physiotherapy, as well as a medical clinic, an on-site chiropractor, and a dietician.

3. International Services for Students

International Services for Students provides specific services to both domestic and international students. For example, International Services for Students offer study abroad and field school opportunities, where you get to apply the skills you have learned in classes to real scenarios. Aside from providing study aboard opportunities, they also provide information and assistance with medical insurance, taxes, and work permits. International Services for Students is located in the Maggie Benson Centre at the Burnaby Campus. Although they are primarily located in the Maggie Benston Centre, they also operate Global Student Centre , which is located near the James Douglas study area on Burnaby campus. Global Student Centre is similar to a student lounge where they provide study areas, a microwave, and a bookable conference room. 

4. Career and Volunteer Services

If you are ever stuck on choosing a career or unsure of where your major can lead to, Career & Volunteer Services is the place to be. They offer free consultation sessions for all SFU students and alumni. They also run numerous programs and services, including myExperience, and myInvolvement. Now you might be asking, “What is the difference between myExperience and MyInvolvement?” Good question! myExperience is a place where employers or volunteer organizations outside of SFU can post their listings. If you have applied to Co-op, you probably already know that myExperience is the place where you apply to fantastic off campus jobs! On the other hand, myInvolvement is a place for students to get involved within SFU community on campus. myInvolvement, also offers various types of leadership workshops and different opportunities such as becoming a peer educator or helping out at Student Learning Commons.

5. Safety & Risk Services

If you are at the SFU campus late at night, you may be concerned with your safety! No worries! Safety & Risk Services, offer a program called Safe Walk where you can request a walking buddy to walk with you to your desired destination. Additionally, Safety & Risk Services also offer opportunities for current SFU students to be a part of their Student Campus Safety program! 

There are many other services that are available for both students and other members of the SFU community. Most services are offered for free while some of them do cost a little bit of money. I wish you success at Simon Fraser University.

SFU Student
Queenie Lei is a fourth-year student majoring in Communication and hoping to minor in international studies. She is currently preparing for her exchange to City University of Hong Kong in Spring 2016. During her spare time, she enjoys watching dramas and hanging out with her friends.
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Nov 10, 2015

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