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Morgan Cowley

SFU Student Undergraduate
Arts + Social Sciences › International Studies | Environment › Resource and Environmental Management
Study Abroad

Experience Faculty
All the people I met and the places I explored were the best parts of the exchange.
Experience Details
Introduction + Preparation

To prepare for my exchange in Stirling I looked at things to do and nearby places to visit while I was there. If you are only staying for 1 semester you won't be able to open a bank account. Make sure you get a credit card or something with low fees, personally I used an app called wise that worked really well for me. 

Preparation Tips for Future Students

Leave some space in your suitcase for the things that you buy over there. 

During my Experience
Orientation and First Weeks

I went to all the orientation and social events the first week. I found it to be a good way to make friends. The Student Union had organized events for every day of the first week of school, this included parties, traditional Scottish dancing and a bingo night. There was an orientation for all the exchange students that went over how the expectations may be different and how the grading worked which was helpful. 

Day to Day

I went to my classes and spent time with my friends exploring Scotland. There are a lot of nice coffee shops in sterling and Bridge of Allen where you could sit and study but the library was also a nice place to spend your time. My flatmates and I all joined sports teams so we all spent a lot of time at practices and a weekly social night. 

Learning and Adaptation

I did not find the classes to be that different from SFU so I did not find it hard to adapt to going to school. Depending on the class there were lectures seminars and/or tutorials. The course registration is mostly done by staff so it's pretty easy to get into classes or swap them ect. I was a little worried about understanding professors but for the most part it was okay. 

Accomplishments and Challenges

A challenge was balancing all the social activities with school work. Another big challenge was cancelled flights. Figuring out what to do when stranded in another country was a very big and important learning experience for me and my two friends travelling with me. An accomplishment was all the travel that I got to do when the flights actually took off and landed when scheduled. 

Cultural and Environmental Observations

The campus is really pretty and there are walks and hikes nearby. There is one hike I did several times that is right behind campus that gives you a view of Stirling, the university and Bridge of Allen. 

Social and Extracurricular Activities

There are a lot of sports teams and clubs that you can join. All of my friends were on sports teams so it was fun to participate and also go and watch their games. They also did weekly social events and there were student nights on Wednesdays at different places. 

Wrap Up

I was sad to leave I had a really good time in Stirling. 

Reflection & Tips

I really enjoyed my exchange and would recommend it to anyone considering it. 

Most Valuable Aspects of This Experience

All the people I met. I made some lifelong friends from all around the world that I am looking forward to seeing again. 

Connection to Academic Studies or Career Goals

I found learning about other peoples perspectives on important topics to be really interesting and helpful to my learning. 

Advice for Future Students

Unfortunately, while away I had a lot of issues with my banks. I got a UK sim which meant that my secondary authentication with my phone number no longer worked. Getting this fixed was a pain so talk to your bank about what happens if you have a non-Canadian phone number while you are away. Otherwise, just go on exchange, one of the best decisions I've ever made. 


Morgan Cowley

SFU Student Undergraduate
Arts + Social Sciences › International Studies | Environment › Resource and Environmental Management
Study Abroad
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Jan 10, 2023

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