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Girl with her hands full and looking busy
Quentin Beck
In this episode, we explore the concept of hustle culture and attempt to help define what it may mean to you.

Episode Description

When should you stop and take a break? How much work is too much work? What exactly is hustle culture? The concept and community of hustle culture has grown more and more prevalent in exposure recently, that sometimes it can feel like almost everyone is participating in it. But, what does this exactly entail? In this episode of Diving Into the Everyday, join us as we explore what is hustle culture, doing into potential definitions, looking at its rise in exposure, and why a person may feel this pressure to participate in it.

Show notes:

  • What is hustle culture?
  • When did the concept of overworking start/gained notoriety?
  • How hustle culture raised in exposure and popularity
  • How we feel about working hard and how this effects us
  • The concept of potentially being lazy
  • Information sharing and community
  • Access to opportunities
  • Possible ways to remind yourself to do some self-care
Participants and Contributors
Brianna Tsang (host)
Brianna Tsang
OLC Content Creator

Working as a Content Creator for the OLC, Brianna Tsang is a student that loves to learn and create anything and everything. As a fifth year Communication major and Publishing minor, she is no stranger to questioning topics of the everyday and looking into how media can influence the way in which we go about life.  

Beyond the Podcast

Websites Referenced: - Hustle Culture: How "Every Day I'm Hustlin'" Became a Mantra - The problems with hustle culture — and how it's tied to mental health

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Apr 6, 2023

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