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Manager of Program Development & Physician Services
SFU BPK Alumni

Introducing Karen Tulloch!

What did you major in?

BPK Major.

What year did you graduate from SFU?


What is your current occupation?

Manager of Program Development & Physician Services at the Obesity Medicine & Diabetes Institute

What’s one piece of advice you’d like to share with current SFU BPK Undergraduates?

“Explore different areas of your field and gather as much experience as you can. Whether it be volunteering, co-op placements or other types of practicums, don't be afraid to venture outside of the box. There is so much value you can glean from these learning opportunities such as: various avenues to apply your formal education, chances to further develop your skill set, and environments to expand your professional network. These experiences not only allow you to mature and grow as an individual but they can also broaden your perspective, help you better discern your strengths and passions, and make you a more insightful and well-rounded candidate for your desired career.”

Karen was a panelist at the Discover BPK 2022 conference.

This post was originally sourced from Discover BPK Careers Night 2022