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Beedie School of Business

Belmar is a leading CRM consulting firm with remarkable expertise in analyzing and delivering business solutions on the number one cloud platform, Salesforce. The organization draws on experience with over 500 projects in various industries predominantly the non-for-profit industry. I was fortunate enough to partake in an internship as a Salesforce Consultant Intern with the Belmar Consulting Group during the Spring 2022 and Summer 2022 semesters.

During my time with the Belmar Consulting Group, my initial 2 months consisted of onboarding and training materials. Throughout the two months, I was given various assignments each week consisting of Salesforce concepts and practical questions. These various questions allowed me to push myself outside of my comfort zone allowing me to learn more deeply about salesforce with the opportunity to apply my learnings. Additionally, I was provided with an onboarding guide which consisted of the processes and tools used by the Belmar Consulting Group. Furthermore, the onboarding guide was comprised of free and relevant Salesforce courses and modules known as trailheads. Upon the conclusion of the introductory onboarding and training materials, I was given a business scenario prompting me to put myself into the shoes of a salesforce consultant and build out a business solution. Throughout the simulation, I was able to present my final solution to my COO and Delivery Manager and got to present other aspects such as an elaboration session, which is a session held with clients to ask questions and learn more in-depth details of their day-to-day processes. Lastly, upon the conclusion of the final onboarding and training plan, I took my Salesforce Administrator Exam and successfully obtained the Salesforce Administrator Certificate.

In the following months, I was resourced into projects in a support role. These roles consisted mostly of note-taking, building simple solutions on salesforce, and quality assuring the tickets built had no bugs or errors. I also helped with various internal initiatives such as creating a new project management timeline, creating slide deck templates, and re-building the organization’s internal processes website. I was given more responsibilities as I built more trust with various senior consultants, this allowed me to take lead on successfully closing a project. This helped me improve my communication skills and allowed me to discover and formulate my presentation and communication style. As the final months of my internship approached, I was resourced onto one of the larger projects within the organization. I was able to play a valuable role on the project team by taking on various responsibilities such as helping come up with the solution, taking on more complex tickets, and leading important demo sessions to present and display the work we had completed for the clients.

Moving forward, I hope to utilize the knowledge and experience that I gained from the Belmar Consulting group in my academic courses and extracurricular activities such as case competitions and hackathons. Reflecting on my internship, I have gained a valuable arsenal of skills that will help aid me in my future school courses and future work placement. I am truly grateful to have partaken in an internship with the Belmar Consulting Group.