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Elvin Mah

SFU Student Undergraduate
Health Sciences › Social & Health Policy Sciences
Co-operative Education › Student Developed Co-op

Position Title

Completing my third co-op experience at the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) has been an incredibly transformative and insightful experience. As a university student pursuing a career in health administration, the past four months have offered me invaluable insights and personal development in the healthcare industry, particularly my field of interest, healthcare administration.

Right from the beginning, my time at PHSA kicked off with a warm welcome into their dynamic and diverse team. What struck me was the genuine camaraderie and unwavering support that was ingrained throughout the organization’s culture. These individuals were not just coworkers to me; they quickly became my mentors and friends. Working alongside a supportive team, I had the opportunity further to enhance my communication, efficiency, and organizational skills. A balance in the holistic work culture at PHSA made me realize that it is not just about the tasks we do, but more importantly, it is about the incredible people behind them.

One of the most exciting highlights of my time at PHSA was the opportunity to get involved in some critical projects. I played a role in creating standardized workflows and developing resource pages/dashboards using JIRA and Confluence, which allowed me to showcase my technical skills. I also had the opportunity to lead and facilitate our team meetings, through which I learned the necessity to consistently comprehend and internalize our team's mission, purpose, and objectives. Engaging with my team during meetings and in-person discussions proved to be a strength of mine. I challenged myself by setting a personal goal to empower my leadership skills, and through this opportunity I became more proactive in communicating with my team. What proved to be a strength of mine was my ability to engage with my team during meetings and in-person discussions to optimize efficiency and build rapport. My ability to work effectively within a large team has been a valuable asset.

I have learned a lot from this role, and I acknowledge that there is always room for growth, as we should all strive for improvement. I still have the potential to develop my professionalism and written communication. I have learned so much from this role, and the experiences I have gained ignited my passion and interest to pursue a career in health informatics. I look forward to exploring my growth potential and becoming a vital asset to this industry after completing my undergraduate degree.