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SFU Faculty of Communication, Arts, and Technology (FCAT)
Manager, Communications & Strategy

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"The MDM experience is all about the diverse projects you work on, the different roles you have to take on, and the people you get to work with."

Inda Macias is a project manager, production coordinator, and storyteller from Mexico with a degree in Communications & Digital Media from Tecnologico de Monterrey, a Film Production diploma from Vancouver Film School, and a Master of Digital Media (MDM) degree from SFU. She has experience writing and directing short films, her latest, "Muscle Memory" was nominated for Best Student Production at the 2020 Leo Awards.

She loves to work on projects that involve storytelling and video production aiming toward visual communication. Her aspirations for project management are perfectly aligned with her effective communication and people skills, as well as three years of professional experience in Human Resources.

With the MDM program, Inda was able to expand her skills and knowledge in all things Digital Media to pursue a career dedicated to film production and visual storytelling.  

Tell us about your time as a MDM student. Do you have a favourite memory?

"My time as an MDM student was a bit different from other cohorts since I was part of the only cohort (C15) that was fully online due to the pandemic. Even though all my classes and project meetings were online, I was able to have a great experience in the MDM program. I learned to work more independently—due to the remote nature of our class—while still being part of a team. My favourite moments were the final project presentations after every term where we would all get to see what our other cohort classmates were working on."

Tell us how the MDM program helped your professional goals?

"The MDM program helped me hone my skills as a project manager. I learned how to work with different types of personalities and professional backgrounds, which helped me have the confidence to apply for production roles in the film industry. I was able to land a role as a production coordinator for a 3D animation studio, and hopefully a production manager in the near future."

Is there anything you’d like to tell future students who are interested in the MDM program?

"The MDM experience is all about the diverse projects you work on, the different roles you have to take on, and the people you get to work with. I got really close to the people that I worked with throughout my time at The CDM, and it was all remote. I imagine that being able to share that experience in person would be even more gratifying."

What are you most excited for at Convocation?

"I am excited to wear a cap and gown for the first time in my professional career. I went to a high school and a University where my cohorts were smaller than 25 people, so we didn't have big graduation ceremonies. I am also excited to receive my MDM diploma after being part of the unique C15 class at The CDM."

This story was originally published on the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology website on June 6, 2022.

SFU Staff
SFU Faculty of Communication, Arts, and Technology (FCAT)
Manager, Communications & Strategy

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