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The conceptual classes were also so fun; I was happy to think about film in really expansive ways.

Fegor Obuwoma is a Nigerian filmmaker, storyteller, cultural critic, and artist. At SFU she majored in film production and minored in communication, and her films encompass the themes of Black agency, Black spirituality, intersectional feminism, and African futurism. Her work has been showcased in both gallery spaces and independent film festivals and has received acclaim from both peers and professionals in the art field. She recently earned SFU’s Archambault Memorial Award in Film, recognizing independent spirit and innovation. Fegor had a keen interest in social justice and community development: she serves campus organizations that share her core values, including the Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG) and SFU Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry (SOCA). Fegor comes from a long line of amazing people who have dreamt unimaginable futures into existence. As she furthers her studies, Fegor hopes to pursue an interdisciplinary career in the arts that centres the stories of people, community, and self.

Tell us about your time as an undergraduate student?

"I think I had a lot of fun moments. During the pandemic, I made a film with my two roommates at the time and it was so fun, low budget, chill, and honestly learned so much about myself as a filmmaker. It’s titled “In memory of who we were” and it’s about my experience in a Catholic all-girls boarding school in Nigeria. The conceptual classes were also so fun; I was happy to think about film in really expansive ways. Well, it's really hard to find a mainstream show or film I like now because of this degree, but totally worth it.

My work at SFPIRG and SOCA... I stumbled into it in a sense because I never expected to work in the positions I did, but I found my way there. I feel fortunate to have worked as a part of these groups because you really begin to understand how you can advocate for yourself and your community while still at university. A lot of what I know and how I move through the world... I owe it to working with them really. It was always interesting and educational."

What are you most excited for at Convocation?

"I’m excited about holding my degree. I saw my friend's degree last semester, and I want my own pretty piece of paper to crown my four years of sweat. Also, I hope I don’t fall when I get on stage; it's ok though, already devised a plan with my friends in case that happens."

What are your next plans with exploring an interdisciplinary career in the arts?

"The arts, so uncertain. I’d like to get a job in maybe art programming and then go for an interdisciplinary art program for grad school later on. Also making films on the side; I love film conceptually but I can’t stand set life so I’m trying something else. I also love a good workshop; I think I’ll attend a lot of them in my lifetime."

This story was originally published on the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology website on June 6, 2022.

SFU Staff
SFU Faculty of Communication, Arts, and Technology (FCAT)
Manager, Communications & Strategy
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Jun 6, 2022

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