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Rochelle Q

SFU Student Undergraduate
Beedie School of Business
Co-operative Education

Image of Rochelle at Tradeable Bits
I’ve come to realize that understanding the B2B landscape goes beyond just marketing; it extends to creating meaningful relationships with our partners and aligning our services with their need.

As I near the end of my co-op term at Tradable Bits, I’m super grateful for the valuable insights and experiences that have shaped my perspective on marketing and the tech industry.

Tradable Bits is a B2B SaaS company that helps sports, music, and entertainment brands know their fans, so they can market smarter. Their leading fan-based marketing platform allows brands to collect, analyze, and action their own fan data so they can ultimately earn more revenue per fan.

As a Digital Marketing Coordinator, I worked closely with our marketing team of three to ensure our marketing daily tasks were being executed. Through continuous collaboration and communication with my team, I’ve completed many marketing projects over the term that I’m super proud of!

Here are just a few takeaways that I’ve gained throughout the term:

Understanding the B2B SaaS Landscape

I still remember the excitement leading up to my co-op journey at Tradable Bits. While I had briefly worked with a few B2B startups at my previous job, this was my first glimpse at working at an actual B2B company. And let me tell you, it was a whole new world that I was thrilled to be a part of!

I quickly realized that understanding the B2B landscape was key for successful marketing. At Tradable Bits, we worked with partners spanning the world of music and entertainment as well as sports — meaning there was not just one target audience. To create successful marketing campaigns that resonate with each audience, understanding their unique needs, preferences, and pain points was extremely important.

For example, we worked with multiple teams in major sports leagues across North America and Australia, with a presence growing in Europe and Mexico. On the music front, we partnered with some of the largest music festivals, artists and labels. It became clear to me that each industry presented its own unique goals that they’d like to achieve with Tradable Bits, which meant there was no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. I’ve come to realize that understanding the B2B landscape goes beyond just marketing; it extends to creating meaningful relationships with our partners and aligning our services with their needs.

Internal Vs External Marketing

I had the opportunity to dive into the nuances of both internal and external marketing, gaining insights into both approaches and their relevant use cases. Our marketing team often worked closely with a number of Customer Success Managers across sports and music, as well as the Sales team. I helped create collateral like slide decks, case studies or any other helpful resources that would empower and enable our internal team to effectively engage with our partners and potential clients.

On the other hand, I also delved into external marketing which involved building brand awareness and driving lead generation through targeted content that prospects would find valuable. I really enjoyed learning the ins and outs of both marketing approaches while tapping into my creativity along the way!

Leveraging Multiple Channels

We used a variety of channels to build awareness and increase our visibility. This ranged from content marketing like creating whitepapers, case studies, and blog posts to email marketing, social media, and hosting webinars. I recognized that certain segments respond to different marketing channels in unique ways (Ex. some were more active on social media vs. email), highlighting the importance of tailored marketing.

From the collaborative, positive workplace culture to the dynamic and creative projects that I’ve worked on, I can easily say that my time at Tradable Bits was filled with growth, learning, and fulfillment. All in all, I’m extremely grateful for all the support and guidance I’ve had from my team and for the opportunity to work at such an innovative, inspiring company. As I near my graduation, I’m excited to carry forward all the new skills that I’ve gained for my future as a marketer.


Rochelle Q

SFU Student Undergraduate
Beedie School of Business
Co-operative Education
visibility  321
Oct 12, 2023

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