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Meet the OLC's Very Own Claire
Podcast Studio
Photo by Jonathan Farber on Unsplash
OLC editor Claire Brnjac shares how her love for art and writing led her to pursue communication and inspires her to stay creative in all aspects of her life.

Episode Description

Welcome to the pilot episode of the OLC's newest podcast: Community Spotlight! In it, SFU students Luis and Chelsie interview students on campus about what makes their experience at University extraordinary, be it through studies, clubs, jobs, or any other thing big or small. The first episode brings in Claire Brnjac as she talks about her experience working with writing, the importance of learning other languages, and what it's like living away from Vancouver for your studies.

Topics explored in this episode include:

  • Moving to a different province after high school
  • What it's like to work with writing
  • The Communication Program & SFU 
  • SFU Writer's Studio
  • Studying other languages
  • Advice to those looking to go to Toronto to further their studies
Participants and Contributors
Luis Arce Diaz
Content Creator

Luis Arce Diaz is a contributor and content creator for the OLC. He enjoys staying active and expressing his creativity in whatever way possible.

Chelsie Oan

Chelsie is a recent graduate from SFU. She enjoys going out with her friends and has a degree in International Studies.

Claire Brnjac
Lead Editor

Claire is a Communication major and was the lead editor of the OLC for the semesters of Fall 2021 and Spring 2022. Where to reach Claire: Instagram & Twitter: @clairebrnjac

Beyond the Podcast

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Apr 6, 2022

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