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Making Business Beneficial
Leejoo in Toronto
Leejoo shares the exciting projects he has undertaken during his time at SFU as an entrepeneur.

Episode Description

Welcome back to the OLC Community Spotlight Podcast! In this episode, Luis and Chelsie interview SFU Entrepreneur Leejoo Hwang, as he shares his knowledge on the world of startups and how Leejoo managed to connect business with social change.

Topics explored in this episode include:

  • Runs a startup called meaningful work, from SFU Venture Connections
  • Meaningful Work and how it ties to Volunteering and EDI
  • SFU Career and Volunteer Services
  • Sustainable Business Degree and what can you do with it
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Establishing an Elevator Pitch
Participants and Contributors
Luis Arce Diaz in a suit
Luis Arce Diaz
Content Creator

Luis Arce Diaz is a contributor and content creator for the OLC. He enjoys staying active and expressing his creativity in whatever way possible.

Chelsie Oan

Chelsie is a recent graduate from SFU. She enjoys going out with her friends and has a degree in International Studies.

Leejoo Hwang
COO and Co-Founder

Leejoo has always been looking for ways to venture into the business market. Using skills learned through his life and during his time at SFU, he was able to co-found initiatives that aim to help the people around him.

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Jul 19, 2022