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SFU Co-op Student
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Searching for a co-op position can be a challenging task. No matter what seeking term you're in, there are new challenges to overcome, and learn from. In order to make that process easier, Natalie can help. Natalie is a Communications Co-op student who went through the co-op process, and decided to share the knowledge she picked up along the way. In this series, learn tips and tricks from Natalie’s own co-op experience that will assist you in your job search as she navigates interview preparation, research and lightning rounds. Be sure to check out Natalie's other series, where she takes us through Round 2 of her Co-op Job Searches, as well as her time with TFSCE and Allied Vision Technologies.

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Jun 2, 2012
I’ve Got Options?

As a co-op student, it's not a bad idea to explore your options by going to other interviews if you can, even when you have a job offer already. Check out Natalie's experience going for her fourth interview and a potential second job offer!

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Lessons from the First Interview

So you went through the workshops, you took BOL I, and you’ve had your one-on-one with your advisor. Now what? Natalie asked herself the same question when she completed all the initial steps of Co-op. Read on to find out more about Natalie's job search and the lessons she took away from her first job interview.

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A Disappointing Interview Experience

Are you having a difficult time placing a co-op placement? You're not alone! Read about Natalie's disappointment with her second job interview, how she coped with her frustration and the lessons she took away from this experience to improve her interviewing skills and increase her chance at landing a job. 

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The Tables Have Turned

During the lightning round Natalie was shortlisted for a third job interview and was ultimately offered a co-op job! She reflects on her latest interview experience and shares some very important insights you should know to succeed at your next job interview.

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My Lesson In Flexibility

Everyone has a picture in their mind when they think of what they will be doing when they land their first co-op job. It’s good to think big, but just remember to think FLEXIBLE. Let me tell you how being flexible allowed me to get a great co-op experience.