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OLC Editor

Submitted by OLC Editor on 12 May 2021

In this episode of Career Conversations, we spoke with Rochelle Prasad of the thriving non-profit, SPARK Foundation. Watch the video to learn more about leadership and building purpose in your work.

0:40 - What is Spark Foundation?
1:00 - How did you start your organization?
1:33 - What challenges do you face as the CEO of SPARK?
2:09 - How can one kick of their leadership skills?
2:25 - How can one be a leader when they are still learning?

Originally posted on the SFU Career and Volunteer Services Youtube on Jan 21 2021.

Participants and Contributors

Rochelle Prasad is the founder of SPARK Foundation, an organization dedicated to boosting self-esteem in young people and inviting them to give back to their communities.