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OLC Editor

Submitted by OLC Editor on 16 June 2021

Guest: Vicky Cabral  - Senior Manager for BMO's Campus Recruitment & Early Talent Programs

We spoke to Vicky Cabral, who has spent over 10 years in the campus recruitment space where she has established and executed campus recruitment strategies that enable employers to attract, recruit and retain talent ahead of the competition. Watch the video to learn more about opportunities at BMO!

0:25​ - What opportunities does BMO have for university students and new grads?
1:17​ - What do you look for in a new grad?
2:21​ - Can someone with a non-tech background work in a tech-based position at BMO?
3:35​ - What is BMO's Zero Barriers to Inclusion campaign?
4:35​ - One piece of advice for viewers and students