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Position Title

This is my second semester as a Career Peer; I try to figure out how I can assist students with writing their resumes and cover letters to help them land a job.

Before I came here, my goal was to develop my personal skills, communication skills, and become more open. I think this position has really helped me in working towards these goals; it gives me a better perspective of the world, and the more people I meet, the better my view.

The most exciting experiences I have are when I first recognize that I’ve helped the student I’m educating, through the way they’re interacting with me in our session. I can see when I’m helping them and when they’re gaining something from the session, and it makes me feel good about myself because I’m providing services they need and they’re taking away something from our time together.

Generally, I think I’m now more comfortable communicating what I want to say. I love working with people from different backgrounds, because it gives me a better understanding about how others live or have lived, and how they’re pursuing their passions.

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Apr 16, 2018