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Maegan Soriano

Communication, Art + Technology
Position Title

I was looking for volunteering opportunities to fulfill the prerequisites for medical school and I wanted a placement in the healthcare field, lucky enough I came across the Canadian Institute for the Blind (CNIB) during my search.

I love that I get to help our clients in such a meaningful way. I get to be their eyes in everyday tasks; just simple things like going to the grocery store with them or reading their mail aloud. The fact that they’re always so genuinely grateful for the assistance makes my role worthwhile.

We often take our sight for granted, so helping people who struggle with the lack thereof has been really enlightening. In the beginning, I had to keep reminding myself that because my clients can’t see, they do things differently than most people. As a result, I’ve become more descriptive when speaking and more patient in my dealings with others. In developing a relationship with my clients, I’ve been able to learn from their life experiences, and I’m really grateful for that.


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