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Meet SFU Alumni Cassey Peng, a recent grad who shares tips on university life, dating, and how she found her niche as a Product Designer.

Episode Description

In this episode Cassey Peng, a recent grad and User Assistance Designer at SAP, gives the best dating advice to find the perfect...job?

Originally published on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts on May 6th 2021.

Participants and Contributors
Cassey Peng
UX/UI Designer

Cassey Peng is a 2020 SFU SIAT graduate who has worked as a graphic and product designer in her time after graduating. She currently works as a Product Designer at Later, a Vancouver-based marketing firm. 

Amena Salman

Amena is an SFU Science student, majoring in Game and Interactive Media Design. She has been involved with the School of Interactive Arts and Technology in different capacities, first as TechTeams Leader, a Director of Events, and now the host of Studio Bytes. 

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