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Episode Description

Welcome to the GlobalCast! In this episode, we talk with 3 fellow student coordinators from the International Services for Students as they introduce the two intercultural programs they help run, which are the Global Community Peer Education Program and the Global Connections Program. 

You can listen to this podcast or watch on YouTube.

YouTube Timestamps:

0:00 - 0:44: Intro to GlobalCast 

0:45 - 04:02: Introducing the Student Coordinators!

04:03 - 06:17: What is the Global Community Peer Education Program?

06:18 - 08:02: What is the Global Connections Program?

08:03 - 09:20: Experiences in the program

09:21 - 09:53: TLDR Speed Q&A

09:54 - 10:34: Closing + Goodbyes! 👋

Originally published on May 18th, 2021 on the SFU GlobalCast website.

Participants and Contributors
Audrey Shiu

Beyond the Podcast

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May 18, 2021