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After graduating from my SFU undergraduate degree with a major in Communications back in October 2017, I was lost. I did not have a clear understanding of what I wanted to do with my degree, but as a single mother, I knew I had to do something. I went on Indeed (A Job Posting Website) looking for that something, anything that was full time and that complimented my customer service and administrative background. I came across a Documentation Technician posting at a Chiropractor Clinic, and although I had no experience working in a clinic before and I had no idea what a Documentation Technician was, the only thing they required was customer service experience, so I took a risk and applied.

Although my time at the clinic was insightful and challenged me, I knew that this wasn’t what I wanted to do in the long term. It was a small, family-run clinic and we did not have a recruitment team or rely on outside help for recruitment team. Everything was done in-house. To challenge me, my manager gave me the opportunity to not only screen resumes but to lead group interviews in-person and online over Zoom. I reluctantly took this opportunity, but to my surprise, ended up loving it! I enjoyed connecting with the candidates and finding the perfect candidate for the role that we were looking to fill. I loved it so much that I decided to research how I can make this a in this area. From here, everything started to fall into place. During my research, I came across the SFU HR Management Certificate program and immediately enrolled myself. After a year and a half I was able to complete the program and soon after found a full time position as an HR Assistant. Although it was a temporary contract, I took the opportunity hoping that it would lead to a permanent position, which to my surprise it did!

As an HR Assistant, I was exposed to the many functions of HR that I didn't even know existed and now that I have been recently promoted to HR Coordinator, I am excited to continue learning and to see where my HR career journey will lead me nextAs an HR Assistant, I am exposed to the many functions of HR that I didn’t even know existed and am excited to see where my HR career journey will lead me next. Long story short, take that opportunity. It could surprise you and will eventually lead you to where you need to be.