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My favourite part of working at Ensightful has been the ability for me to take ownership in my projects and to take a design from its initial stages and follow it through till it has been developed.

Patrick & Ensightful

This week's SFU Surrey Co-op featured student is Patrick Pacunana, an Interactive Arts and Technology student who has been doing some excellent design work at his very 1st co-op job. He is currently working at Ensightful, a new Vancouver-based software company that has developed "a team management tool tailor-made for higher education that helps student and instructors get the most out of group projects." Ensightful's vision is to "Revolutionize education by making it smart and agile. During his time at Ensightful, Patrick has been collaborating with his supervisor and the development team on revamping the team management tool using design thinking to ensure responsiveness and accessibility. He has also been contributing to the marketing team on the publishing of one-pagers and some external documents.

Patrick's Favourite Part of the Job

Patrick says his favourite part of working at Ensightful has been "the ability for me to be able to take ownership in my projects and be able to take a design from its initial stages and follow it through till it has been developed." 

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An Ensightful lunch team meeting

Employer Feedback

Patrick's work ethic and passion for design have not gone unnoticed, with Patrick's supervisor, Jocelyn Chen, stating that "Patrick has been a wonderful addition to the Ensightful team with his can-do attitude and his eagerness to learn and grow. As a supervisor, it's been a delightful journey watching him flourish and continuously developing his skills as a designer and an individual."


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SFU Staff
Applied Sciences, Communication, Art + Technology
Co-operative Education
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