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After volunteering with the Variety for Children’s Charity for a few years, my friends and I decided to start Variety for Tomorrow - SFU in 2017 to fundraises for children with disabilities all over British Columbia.

I have always been passionate about children, particularly children with disabilities because I have a little cousin who is has the more intense spectrum of autism. It’s a very rewarding feeling to know that I am helping families that are in the same predicament as mine.

As a member of the executive team, I help organize events to fundraise money that will be donated to families in need. One of the biggest events we ever hosted was on Halloween in 2017. We booked the whole AQ, got children to come out, dress up, and win some candy. It was lots of fun and we also managed to fundraise a lot of money.

What I have learnt over the years is that event planning is difficult! Especially when you’re trying to cater for university students and at the same time, keep it family appropriate because you can’t host a pub night with alcohol when you’re trying to fundraise for a children’s charity! Trying to find that balance has definitely been a challenge.

The rewarding part though is knowing that 100% of those proceeds we work so hard to fundraise goes directly to special needs kids, and that’s what keeps me going. I want to advise anyone who is thinking of volunteering to go for it. Even if you don’t know what a certain organization does, there’s no way you’ll ever know until you go to that first meeting or that first event. You will be surprised what passions you will uncover and how many lives you will impact.