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Learning About Reconciliation as an International Co-op Student

The first time I heard about the First Nations Peoples of the land we now call Canada was during a school tour at SFU as a prospective student.

Making a Difference: My Experience as a Student Kinesiologist

In September of 2023, I began my first work term through SFU’s Co-operative Education Program.

From Learning Experience to My Dream Career

Embarking on my cooperative education journey at the BC Cancer Research Center, I find myself at the heart of pioneering oncology research as a Student Clinical Trial Research Assistant.

RHEUMour Has It: Clinical Research in Pediatric Rheumatology is Awesome

With the goal of becoming an occupational therapist in mind, I was seeking a co-op placement where I could get hands-on experience in clinical research and was lucky enough to find a 12-month placement at BC Children’s Hospital in the division of

Dissect a Placenta With Me!

Since becoming a Research Assistant at the BC Children’s Hospital BioBank, I have been tasked with managing maternal samples. These samples encompass mothers undergoing regularly scheduled C-sections.

Exploring the Elk Valley

Right on the border of British Columbia and Alberta and nestled between the Rockies, you can find the Elk Valley, in it lay the small communities of Fernie, Sparwood, and Elkford just to name a few.

Learning to Fit Into the Right Shoe

Working at The Right Shoe as a biomechanical footwear assessor has given me many insights into providing the best fitting experience to our customers.

Exploring Singapore: The Garden City

My semester at NUS has been truly memorable. From the moment I stepped into Changi Airport I was captivated by the cleanliness, nature, and charm of Singapore.

Studying Abroad in Hong Kong: A Day in the Life

During Fall 2023, I had the opportunity to study at the University of Hong Kong for one semester.

Semester Snapshot: Sweden's Nordic Charm

This semester marks my first venture into the enchanting world of Northern Europe as I embark on a student exchange program at Lund University in Sweden.

Multilingual SFU: Vlad Vintila speaking Italian

Part of the Multilingual SFU 2023 Series initially published on YouTube by the SFU Centre for Educational Excellence.

Navigating Wales as a 20-Something Year Old

I, like most people in their 20s, always dreamed of getting to live abroad and experience another culture.

Safety Starts With an S But Begins With U

I am currently working in ALS Global as a lab assistant. I have been working with them for almost 8 months and they have taught me how to be cautious in every environment you are working in, especially working inside a lab.

Importance of Company Culture When Working From Home
Why is Company Culture Important?

Working at Copperleaf Technologies as a co-op has been a transformative experience that deepened my understanding of the importance of a great wo

Journey of Insight: A Year in Healthcare Administration and Laser Therapy

This month marks my one-year milestone as a clinical office assistant and cold laser therapist at DesLauriers Chiropractic Group in White Rock.

Multilingual SFU: Harshit Shetty Speaking Tulu

Part of the Multilingual SFU 2023 Series initially published on YouTube by the SFU Centre for Educational Excellence.

Multilingual SFU: Ify Ibeto Speaking Igbo

Part of the Multilingual SFU 2023 Series initially published on YouTube by the SFU Centre for Educational Excellence.

Multilingual SFU: Samuel Ofoe Speaking Adangbe


Part of the Multilingual SFU 2023 Series initially published on YouTube by the SFU Centre for Educational Excellence.

My Lab Adventure as a HSCI Co-op Student
My Co-op Journey

I am a fourth-year student at Simon Fraser University (SFU) studying health science.

A Dream Turned Reality: My Scotland Odyssey Thus Far

When COVID hit back in 2019 I was attending Langara College and preparing to go to Italy for a field school. I was heartbroken when the trip had to be canceled and I moved forward with my graduation before the trip could be replanned.

My Amazing Time at First Nation's Health Authority

My work term with the First Nation's Health Authority's (FNHA’s) Urban and Away from Home team was amazing!

A Dream Into Reality

I have always wanted to go on an exchange ever since my friends back in high school were participating in them.

Indigenous Studies Alumnus Alyssa Zandvliet Gains New Perspective on Sustainability

“I chose not to do one thing with my degree, I did a lot with it,” says Alyssa Zandvliet (BA, 2023) of her decision to major in Indigenous Studies at Simon Fraser University (SFU). 

Connecting With Her Identity Inspires Indigenous Studies Alumnus Paige Desjarlais to Help Her Community

For Paige Desjarlais (BA, 2023), enrolling in Indigenous Studies at Simon Fraser University (SFU) provided meaningful opportunities to understand her values and identity as an Ind

Science Co-op Alumni: Karishma Harpalani
Where did you complete your work terms and where are you working now?

My first co-op term was an 8-month tenure at PBR Laboratories located in Edmonton.

Science Co-op Alumni: Dasha Iskakova
Where did you complete your work terms and where are you working now?

I did my first co-op term at Culex Environmental as a lab technician doing mosquito identification, my second and third co-op ter

Science Co-op Alumni: Kiera Warren
Where did you complete your work terms and where are you working now?

I did a one year co-op at Amgen BC and an 8 month international co-op at Kao Corporation through the Canada-Japan Co-op Program.

In the Heart of Africa: My Arusha Field School Odyssey

In October 2023, I embarked on a life-changing journey to Arusha, Tanzania, participating in a month-long field school focused on climate change and community resilience.

I Finally Took That Step

We’ve all been there. An idea crosses your mind. Perhaps it was a movie that provoked the idea, or a conversation, or a picture you saw on social media.

Burnaby Mountain Memories

Living on Burnaby Mountain at Simon Fraser University was like stepping into a whole new world, especially coming from the busy streets of Mumbai. The mountain became my home for most of my time at SFU, and it was quite a different experience.

A Dream Come True
Pre Departure

Prior to the trip, our class partook in a pre-departure informative session at SFU Surrey, which was very useful.

I'm Not Fearless, I'm Brave
What's one thing you've learned about yourself since starting at SFU?

I've come to realize that I'm not fearless; I'm brave.

Transformative Insights: A Journey Within Healthcare Administration at PHSA

Completing my third co-op experience at the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) has been an incredibly transformative and insightful experience.

Take the Leap: My Adventures in Sweden at Uppsala University

Choosing to study abroad during my time at SFU has been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

My First Co-Op Journey at Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurships

Follow Linnie, a Marketing & Event Project Assistant at Charles Chang Institute for Entrepreneurship, on a day at work. Discover her daily tasks, how she prepares for major events, and what she 

How Teck Resources Helped Me Shape My Project Management Skills

In my role as a Campus Talent Acquisition Co-op at Teck Resources, I've gained a wealth of experience in supporting the development and engagement of fellow co-op students and interns within the organization.

Making the Most of My Co-op: Beyond the Work Tasks

I am currently completing my co-op term as a Purchasing Administrator with Microserve.

My Journey as a Talent Attraction Coordinator Co-op Student
What did you do during your work term?

Working as a talent attraction coordinator co-op student, my main role revolves around using our social media to market our brand.

What's It Like Being a Communication & Marketing Assistant at SFU

The communications assistant role encompasses a wide variety of tasks. My daily duties consist of approving and reviewing content that will go up on campus screens, as well as featuring content on our website.

Navigating Salesforce: My Journey as a Junior Business Analyst

During my role as Junior Business Analyst at SFU Executive Education, I was responsible for supporting Salesforce implementation projects and digital transformation initiatives for the team.

Learning the Range of Roles as a Human Resources Professional

I secured my first co-op for the Spring 2023 semester as a Human Resources Administrator at Heritage Office Furnishings.

Science Co-op Alumni: Zubia Mansoor

I am a Senior Machine Learning Scientist at lululemon where I develop and deploy AI solutions to a variety of cross-functional partners ranging from fashion designers, email & web marketing, guest innovation, inventory planners,

Science Co-op Alumni: Catherine Chang
Where did you complete your work terms and where are you working now?

I had two co-op positions while I was enrolled in the coop program, each position lasting 8 months.

Science Co-op Alumni: Zhang Yan
Where did you complete your work terms and where are you working now?

During my degree, I completed five co-op terms.

Tips for Landing the Ideal Co-op Opportunity

Join Carmen in her vlog as she steps out of her comfort zone by applying for a Co-op job unrelated to her major. Carmen not only shares her experience but also provides valuable tips for landing a fantastic Co-op position.

A Totally Awesome Experience

I've had a genuinely amazing experience working at Total Therapy as a Medical Office Assistant. I've learned so much about healthcare administration, patient advocacy, and how a private clinic functions.

Mastering Productivity While Working in an Accounting Firm

Lohn Caulder LLP is a firm of Chartered Professional Accountants that provide high-quality advice and service regarding financials and tax.

Venturing Into the Unknown

As a Clinical Research Assistant at Royal Columbian Hospital, there are many discoveries I have uncovered about this profession and myself.

Courses to Clinic: An 8-month Experience to Remember

As a third-year student completing my first and second co-op term, I am grateful to have been offered a position on the team at Metrotown Family Chiropractic and Massage.

Take the Journey: My Experience as a Pharmacy Assistant

As an undergraduate student in Health Sciences, I have spent my post-secondary journey wondering what career I wanted to achieve.

Lausanne: A Culturally Diverse City on the Shores of Lac Léman

Studying abroad in Lausanne, a beautiful city located in the Lac Léman region of Switzerland, has proven to be an incredible opportunity for my personal, academic, and professional growth.

From Classroom to Clinic: Gaining Practical Experience in Kinesiology

After having completed my first co-op in research, it was refreshing to start gaining work experience in a clinical setting.

Berlin Bound: Discovering who I am Abroad

Berlin has been life changing, and this experience abroad in Germany has been one of the best adventures of my life to date. This summer I had the opportunity to attend The Berlin Field School through SFU’s School for Contemporary Arts.

Growth through Versatility

Over the past 8-months, I have become a more versatile and well-rounded individual. I have been responsible for multiple administrative tasks such as depositing cheques, creating invoices and responding to emails and phone calls.

My HR Career Journey

After graduating from my SFU undergraduate degree with a major in Communications back in October 2017, I was lost. I did not have a clear understanding of what I wanted to do with my degree, but as a single mother, I knew I had to do something.

Co-op Day in the Life: Microserve

Come with me on a day in my life working as a Marketing & Events co-op student at Microserve!

Why Berlin Offers a Dynamic and Rich Learning Environment

Berlin offers one of the best educational experiences out there! It has been a privilege to study and create in such a dynamic city! 

Science Co-op Alumni: Alex Hui
Where did you complete your work terms and where are you working now? 

I completed a total of 3 work terms during my time in the co-op program.