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Hi! My name is Rebekah, I’m a MSc student supervised by Dr. Victoria Claydon, and I am currently the grad rep on the BPK Communications Committee.

Who are you?
I grew up here in BC as a dancer, with a deep interest for how the human body works. Come time for university, and feeling not quite grown up enough to leave home, I chose to do my undergrad at SFU in the biomedical physiology program. Curious about the world of research, I began to volunteer in the Cardiovascular Physiology Lab and loved it so much I stayed for a USRA as a co-op term, a directed study, and now a MSc!

What do you do?
My research focuses on the impact of spinal cord injury on cardiovascular and respiratory physiology. Specifically, my thesis project will explore the interactions between breathing patterns and the reflexive tuning of heart rate and blood pressure. I will also examine how these relationships might contribute to sleep-related breathing problems that are highly prevalent in the SCI population.

Any advice to starting graduates?
Be open to taking opportunities as they present themselves. Even if you feel unprepared or there’s a bit of imposter syndrome to work through, trust in your ability to learn and the power of figuring it out along the way.

Favourite movie(s) of all time?
For an adrenaline rush, Speed (1994). For pure serotonin, Paddington 1 & 2!

This Q & A biography was originally published on SFU's BPK Instagram on January 14, 2022.

SFU BPK Alumni
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Feb 28, 2022