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SFU Co-op Student
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One time, because my schedule for advising is two hours solid, usually I get two students one after the other. It’s tough, so sometimes if the first takes too long, it’s hard to manage time for the second.

So this time, the centre is busy; I went to grab the next student. I saw someone sitting and brought her in. Once we’re already sitting down and getting started, I realize she’s someone else’s student. Jim came in and said hey, you have a student here waiting. I’m like no she’s right here! It was all kind of awkward and exciting.

The whole peer program is a good idea. SFU could have said we will only have advisors we pay; in this case, it’s also beneficial for volunteers to do, and learn stuff. Rather than just hiring--they’re not giving the student the fish--but teaching them fishing.

SFU Co-op Student
Alireza Mogharrab is a fourth-year SIAT student and UX Researcher at Samsung. He started his UX journey back in 2008 when he opened a start-up company to produce educational games for preschoolers in Iran. Since then he had multiple design roles in start-ups, as well as industry. Currently, he is finishing his design education at SFU and runs co-design workshops
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May 15, 2016