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When I found out about this opportunity on myInvolvement, I was immediately interested. I’ve always been passionate about photography. I used to be a part of the Fraser International College photography team. Therefore, I wanted to continue being involved in photography when I came to SFU.

At SFU Career and Volunteer Services, I help with taking pictures for the Volunteers of SFU project. During the photoshoots, I have to make the participants feel comfortable in front of the camera. To do that, I usually started by introducing myself first. In that way, they will not be as nervous when I take their photos. As a photographer, it was a really valuable skill that I’ve learned. It was also challenging to find a location with good lighting for the photos. Lighting can be adjusted, but I needed to consider using different backgrounds to further enhance the images.

Seeing the photos I’ve taken get published on Facebook was an extremely rewarding experience. Moreover, VOS coordinator Stacey introduced me to Career and Volunteer Services and informed about the upcoming Co-op positions, which led me to my current Co-op at Career and Volunteer Services. Additionally, I met many other photographers at the orientation, as well as participants who shared their stories. If you also have a volunteer story, go check out their project!

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Apr 17, 2019